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The main section of this wiki contains a list of volvocalean species (click on Volvocales in the Wiki Side Bar) with information and links to sites pertaining to various aspects of that species (images, systematics, ecology, life-history, sequences, growth conditions, availability, publications). Other sections are indicated in the Side Bar.

How to contribute

We count on the involvement of the Volvocales community to make this wiki a powerful and comprehensive database to be used by both researchers and teachers as well as the general public. If you would like to contribute to this wiki, please send an e-mail to to receive the password that will allow you to directly add and/or change information (browsing does not require a Log in). A quick guide on how to edit the wiki is provided in the Help section. Your contribution can be referenced on the page you contributed to. You can also register to receive e-mails when new information is added to the wiki.


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Last updated: May 23, 2011.