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Welcome to the Volvocales Information Project (VIP)

"Few groups of organisms hold such a fascination for evolutionary biologists as the Volvocales.  It is almost as if these algae were designed to exemplify the process of evolution" Bell 1985

This project is designed as a common effort among scientists with interests in Volvocales who wish to share information, data, images, research tools, publications. The website has sections on Volvocales ecology and life-history, phylogeny and systematics, as well as on various research tools. The site also provides information about research themes/projects, labs and other centers of interest to Volvocales community. When available, PDF files of publications are posted.  Recently, a wiki has been added to the site; this is intended to become a comprehensive open and public database on all volvocalean species.  The site invites and encourages researchers to submit information and abstracts or publications to be shared with the rest of the community as soon as possible. 

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Last updated: May 18, 2011.