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We are addressing Evolutionary questions (see Research Interests) using the green algal group Volvocales (see the Volvocales Information Project) as a model-system


March 2016
  • Irina Chan is awarded an NSERC USRA for the summer of 2016 to explore cancer's evolutionary vulnerabilities
January 2015
  • Alex May joins the lab as an Exchange MSc Student (February - August) from the Free University of Amsterdam
September 2014
  • Irina Chan joins the lab as a Work-Study Student
June 2014
  • Aleatha is awarded an EDEN Research Exchange Gant for a 3-month visit in the laboratory of Dr. Brad Olson at Kansas State University
October 2013
  • Jennifer Earle joins the lab as a Work-Study student
August 2013
  • Aleatha Lee is accepted as a MSc student in our lab
March 2013
  • Linna Meng will join our lab this summer as an NSERC USRA
  • Matheus Lima will join our lab this summer as an international exchange student (from Brazil), for a 3-month internship
November 2012
October 2012
  • Amal Alahmadi joins the lab as a Volunteer undergraduate assistant
September 2012
  • Aleatha Lee continues her Research Assistant position (through the Work-Study Program) for another year
April 5, 2012
  • Jassy Meng successfully defends her Honours Thesis on Testing Theories of Aging in Volvox
March 30, 2012
  • Stepahn Koenig successfully presents his PhD research seminar on the  Evolution of Cell Differentiation in Volvox
October 2011
  • Aleatha Lee joins the lab as a Research Assistant (Work-Study Program)
September 2011
  • Jassy Meng and Joshua Clowater join the lab as Honours students

March 2011

National Center for Genome Resources (USA) and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Marine Microbiology Initiative: Transcriptome sequencing of marine eukaryotic algae (Co-PI; with David R. Smith, UBC, Canada)

March 2011

A new gls/regA mutant isolated!

February 2011

The first Volvox International Meeting will be held December 1-4, 2011, at the Biosphere 2

January 2011

Nedelcu AM, Driscoll WW, Durand PM, Herron M, and Rashidi E. On the paradigm of altruistic suicide in the unicellular world. Evolution 65: 3-20.

- selected by Faculty of 1000

November 2010

A short JGI story on the Volvox genome, also featuring our short Volvox movie

August 2010

Our paper on the paradigm of altruistic suicide is in press: Nedelcu AM, Driscoll WW, Durand PM, Herron M, and Rashidi E. 2010. On the paradigm of altruistic suicide in the unicellular world. Evolution

July 2010

The Volvox genome is published in Science: Prochnik SE, Umen J, Nedelcu AM et al. 2010. Genomic analysis of organismal complexity in the multicellular green alga Volvox carteri. Science 329:223-226.

    - featured in This week in Science; Science news of the week; Science Daily

June 2010

14th International Conference on the Cell and Molecular Biology of Chlamydomonas, Norton, MA, USA.

June 2009

Two new papers in press

Nedelcu AM. 2009. Environmentally-induced responses co-opted for reproductive altruism. Biology Letters (in press)

Nedelcu AM, A Blakney and K Logue. 2009. Functional replacement of a primary metabolic pathway via multiple independent eukaryote-to-eukaryote gene transfers and selective retention. Journal of Evolutionary Biology (in press)

May 2009

Emma Logan was accepted to Medical School at Dal - Congratulations!!!!

April 2009

Parth Thakkar will join the lab as a MSc student, starting September 2009

March 2009

Nedelcu AM. 2009. Comparative genomics of phylogenetically diverse unicellular eukaryotes provide new insights into the genetic basis for the evolution of the programmed cell death machinery. J. Molecular Evolution 68: 256-268.

October 2008

Nedelcu AM, I Miles, K Karol, A Fagir. 2008. Adaptive eukaryote-to eukaryote gene transfer: Stress-related genes of algal origin in the closest unicellular relatives of animals. J. of Evolutionary Biology 21: 1852-1860

September 2008

The Volvocales Information Project has a new look - click here

Our paper on Adaptive eukaryote-to eukaryote gene transfer (Nedelcu AM, I Miles, K Karol, A Fagir) is in press (J Evol Biology)




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