Welcome to the First International Volvox Conference

Our prize winners are:
  • Best Student/Postdoc Talk: Takashi Hamaji (Kyoto University) - Mating type locus of Gonium pectorale (go to Abstracts for Abstract)
  • Best Student/Postdoc Poster: Noriko Ueki (University of Bielefeld) - Phototaxis in the multicellular green alga Volvox (go to Abstracts for Abstract)
  • Best scientific photograph: Knut Drescher, Idan Tuval, Raymond Golstein (Princeton University, Cambridge University) - Phototaxis in Volvox
  • Best scientific movie: Vanina Galzenati (University of Buenos Aires) - Paranema eating Volvox
  • Best Poem: Erik Hanschen (University of Arizona) - Ode to unicellularity
  • Best Art Work: Stephan Koenig (University of New Brunswick) - Logo for the 1st Volvox Meeting

We are calling for submissions of your most amazing photographs, movies, paintings, drawings, poems and other artworks.
Prizes will be given in the following categories:

Best scientific photograph
Best scientific movie
Best drawing or painting
Best poem

Submission deadline: Thursday, November 30th.
Submitted pieces will be exhibited in the lobby during the meeting.
Prizes will be announced during the Banquet, on Saturday, December 3rd.

Also, we are calling submissions for a logo and design to accompany the printed conference materials.
Submission deadline: Sunday, November 27th.

Please let us know if you need additional information.

We hope you will all help us celebrate these beautiful natural wonders!

For questions and suggestions e-mail us.