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Koenig SG and AM Nedelcu. Environmental regulation of an altruism gene: mechanistic insights and adaptive consequences (in prep for Proceedings of the Royal Society B)

Hanschen ER and AM Nedelcu. Deep homology and parallel evolution of complex development involving independent deployment of a DNA-binding domain unique to green plants and animals (in prep for Molecular Biology and Evolution)

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Nedelcu AM, Driscoll WW, Durand PM, Herron M, and Rashidi E. 2011. On the paradigm of adaptive suicide in the unicellular world. Evolution 65:3-20.

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Prochnik SE, Umen J, Nedelcu AM et al. 2010. Genomic analysis of organismal complexity in the multicellular green alga Volvox carteri. Science 329:223-226.

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Nedelcu AM. 2009. Environmentally-induced responses co-opted for reproductive altruism. Biology Letters 5: 805-808.

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Nedelcu AM, Marcu O, and RE Michod. 2004. Sex as a response to oxidative stress: A two-fold increase in cellular reactive oxygen species activates sex genes. Proceedings of Royal Society London B, Biological Sciences 271: 1591-1596; download pdf here

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Nedelcu AM and RE Michod. 2004. Evolvability, modularity, and individuality during the transition to multicellularity in volvocalean green algae. In Schlosser G and Wagner G (eds) Modularity in development and evolution. pp. 468-489. University of Chicago Press; download pdf here

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Nedelcu AM

and RW Lee.  1998a.  Short repetitive sequences in green algal mitochondrial genomes: Potential roles in mitochondrial genome evolution.  Molecular Biology and  Evolution. 15:690-701; download reprint here.

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